Meal Planning and Shopping. Two blogs for the price of one…

27 Aug

Mrs Bash says...

I’ve started to meal plan I can honestly say it’s been a huge benefit to our eating and shopping habits! I first read about it on the fabulous @ThePiePatch blog where Lucy shared some amazing tips. This is what I do….

At the weekend (usually a Sunday) I get my meal planner in front of me and off I go….


This meal planner was on one of my Word programmes on my laptop but there are loads of free ones you can download on the internet. My husband laminated it for me so I can use a dry wipe pen and it’s reusable!

I usually stick to the main meal being more important. Our breakfasts are quite ‘samey’ in that we have different cereals/toast/fruit most days!

Also within my meal planning I like at least one meal to stretch two days (I like cooking but it can be a chore!)…

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One response to “Meal Planning and Shopping. Two blogs for the price of one…

  1. theshowear

    December 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Me toooooooo!!!!!


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